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Jan. 6th, 2010 @ 11:09 am
It's quite possible my head and my heart are finally on the same page.

And for the time being, it feels pretty rad.

Dec. 22nd, 2009 @ 04:49 pm
For once, I actually feel like writing.

However have no time to do so. Hopefully I'll get back with enough time before bed and I can list all the crazy thoughts in my head right now.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Oct. 3rd, 2009 @ 09:26 pm
It's another saturday evening I stayed in to lay around. I wouldn't have felt bad or like I was avoiding people if I had done homework. But sadly, I couldn't bring myself to do that. It's not that I don't want to do the work, I enjoy it. I just couldn't bring myself to and have some kind of mental block. But it'll get done. I've been letting too many thing distract me. 

Thursday was a great time. Sarah and I went to see Brand New, probably one of the few bands I liked in high school and college and still enjoy. Their new album is a bit hard for me to relate to. Can't win with all of them, right? Anyway, the show was great. Ran into other people and memories from my past. And I realized a few things about myself, sadly that I already knew but do nothing to change them. But that is a completely different post topic. In fantastic news, some guy thought we were 22. That was awesome. 

I really wanted to write more than this, but keep running out of steam.

Sep. 30th, 2009 @ 09:12 pm
 Safe to say summer is over. Not that I don't mind the change of pace in weather. I'm just already over it.
And while it was a fantastic summer filled with friends, sunburns, probably over 100 races sailed, new jokes, more drinks I'd be willing to admit to, and even though I had given up on boys for the summer, there was still drama. 
But as the summer and sailing winds down, I feel like the only thing thats it's produced has been a mental hangover and left a sour taste in my mouth. I seem to have hit a metaphorical brick wall when it comes to dealing with people. (Refer to drama) And I'll admit, I don't help myself out too much. So my daily routine has changed a bit and I'm settling back down into a work/school routine. That's ok for now. It just makes me feel like a boring person (And yes, I know, only boring people are bored). But for a little while, thats ok.

A few people have asked me, since I dedicate so much of my time to 'The Gentlemen's Sport' (which truly is not), what do I get in return? I'm always a bit taken back when people ask this because I never questioned why I sailed so much, obviously because I enjoy it. Well, besides beat up and sore, from the races I've done well in, I've collected 5 mugs, a towel, a soft cooler, 2 shirts, a few hats, 2 glasses, several free drinks and a candle. Obviously those are all tangible. But it's also makes me proud of myself, it's an adreniline rush, a challenge and some sense of belonging. Should I ever work my way up to it, I could win a Rolex at a regatta (seriously).

Thats it for about now. I miss tons of people right now, which is really nothing hew.

Sep. 6th, 2009 @ 11:11 pm
 I feel like I've been soaring through never-never land for the past 3 months. Even though I've been working full time, and recently started class again, I don't feel like I've touched ground reality. 

I have so much to write and say, but I'm so tired. I was just thinking about the times Mike and I would go up to his cabin and just hangout. And I kind of wish I could hide away with my friend now. I've been so busy, which is good. Work is great, classes are ok/will be kind of fun. It's really the sailing that's killing me right now. In more ways that one. But it'll wind down soon enough and by december I'll miss it terribly. I think I'm done with weekday races, and have a few weekends left. I just feel worn out. 

Don't mean to sound sad or morose, I'm not. More pensive than anything else. 

I keep hitting myself with the same hammer. And it does not feel good, even when I stop. 

Hope all is well with everyone else.
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 Why did I just do that?? 
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I'm stealing the 'List 50 Bands You've Seen Live' list from Dane. Partly because I think it's mildly cool, but mostly because I'll be thinking of them while I'm trying to fall asleep, so I might as well get it out of the way. *NO JUDGEMENTS

1.No Doubt
2. Face to Face
3. Weezer
5.Eve 6*
6. Lit*
7. Boys Vs. Girls
8. Blink 182
9. Green Day
10. Living End
11. MXPX
12. NOFX
13. Rancid
14. Save Ferris
15, Suicide Machines
16. Anti-Flag
17. Brand New
18. Taking Back Sunday
19. Zebrahead
20. Garbage
21. Paul McCartney
22. Coheed and Cambria
23. Flogging Molly
24. Dropkick Murphies
25. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
26. Alkaline Trio
27. Saves the Day
28. Anthem
29. Eminem
30. Tenicus D
31. Dashboard Confessional
32. Sugar Ray
33. Goo Goo Dolls
34. Finch
35. Reasons for Leaving
36. Saint Ohio
37. New Found Glory
38. Bad Religion
39. Against All Authority
40. Juliana Theory
41. Bouncing Souls
42. Tori Amos
43. Avenge Seven Fold
44. Blondie
45. AFI
46. Something Corprate
47. Mighty Mighty Bosstones
48. Reel Big Fish
49. Jimmy Eat World
50. Reunion Show

That was harder than I thought, and kind of makes me feel old-ish now. But good times were had at all those shows.  I kind of miss being 16/17 and thinking I was a total badass and I was going to live my life by punk/ska lyrics. Not too many bands write inspiring lyrics on how they enjoy the routine of a 9-5 job. Oh well. 

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 So pissed i wish i could explain it.

life is just frustrating and i know i shouldn't be. 
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 Hey everyone, Sorry its been a minute since I've updated. I've been busy, but not busy enough, guess lazy is more the word I'm looking for. 

I started working at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Yes everyone, I'm working for the government. So far its not so bad, no one really knows what I do (Something in information design and data analysis.) But everyone has been super friendly and it's nice to go back to work. Of course I didn't terribly mind doing nothing. 

Still waiting to hear back from the job in Annapolis. They're making the decision in a week, so we'll see what happens. I have to believe that I won't get it. Mostly because I'd like to be surprised on the off chance I get it. I'm not being negative, but more realistic. And part of me thinks that things like that don't happen to someone like me. Not a knock against myself, but Im not that lucky.  But for now, the VA works.

Sailing is going well. I went out a few weekends ago with people I've never sailed with before. Good times, except 3 of the 6 people that were on the boat, had no clue what was happening. On a boat with 6 people, it makes a difference, esp when its terribly windy. Last weekend was Cleveland Race Week (kind of a big deal) I'm happy to report, the boat I sailed with killed it and took 1st. I also got super drunk, which was cool. 
I really do love sailing and it's the first thing I've found joy in after I dropped out of fashion. Great weekend. 

OK I really need sleep. I'm house sitting and sailing in Sandusky this weekend.. yay. Happy 4th everyone!
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 Not too much to report on.

The interview in Annapolis went decent, if not well. They said they'd follow up early this week... as it's Wednesday afternoon, I'm just assuming the worst and am actually in a foul mood because of it. Even though it would be terribly hard for me to leave everything I've ever known, the concept seems to be a fantasy I wish would come to fruition. I'm not sure I have the mental strength to make it here anymore. We'll see.
But I'm not in a terribly bad spot, I start working at the Veteran's Association next Monday. I'm very much so looking forward going back to work and having a reason to get up in the morning. 

I dunno why I was pretty bummed out after sailing last night. I just didn't have it together on the boat and as lame as it sounds, I don't like loosing. But learned some stuff and thats what it's about.

And of course I feel like an idiot for the most recent dude. It's completely illogical that I would still have any type of affection for this guy, see as how he's been a bigger dick to me than he's actually got and I find him slightly boring. Yeah... I know.

In other news, I just got an invite to Matt Dogg and Regina's wedding. If anyone remembers who these characters are from when I was like 18-20, you'd find it as hilarious as I do.

Thats it for now.
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